1. Pineapple parties (:


  2. "If we are skeptical we shall teach skepticism to our pupils, if fools only folly, if vulgar vulgarity, if saints sanctity, if heroes heroism"
    CS Lewis


  3. Excited to release this short film that I made about my friends and family of Imagine. It’s been a personal project that I have been working on and piecing together for a while. 

    Hope you enjoy and are inspired by it.  



  4. Eyes on lunar landscapes //
    Head in celestial spaces
    (at Kāhala Beach)


  5. @charitywater turns 8 today!
    It has really been an honor to be involved in such a great organization and cause. They’ve come a long way these 8 years and have brought clean water to millions of people! #septembercampaign


  6. "The world is but a canvas to our imagination."
    (at China Walls)


  7. The atmosphere in the air at a water-well drilling site is usually very positive and full of joy.
    You would feel the same way if something that would dramatically change your health-life, work-life, and family-life was being implemented in your community. @charitywater #SeptemberCampaign


  8. Kids from Sourountouna village in Mali now have access to solar-powered water taps right by their front door. All the time and energy saved from not having to collect from a well can be used towards school… And the water is clean! @charitywater #septembercampaign


  9. A farmer in Niger next to his granary. These granaries can hold enough millet for a family of 8 for a year. @charitywater #septembercampaign


  10. Fulani girls of the Sahel region of West Africa. @charitywater #septembercampaign


  11. The Fulani tribes of the Sahel are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Let’s help bring them clean water. http://www.charitywater.com/september #septembercampaign


  12. The @charitywater #septembercampaign just launched today!

    Learn more about the campaign and how to get involved at charitywater.org/September

    Watch the video and read the photo stories about what life is currently life in the Sahel. I photographed the entire campaign, and have never been more passionate and proud about a project. Please help 100,000 people in the Sahel get clean water, they truly need it.


  13. 110º heat. Dirty open wells. Watch the new video from charity: water & learn how to help 100,000 people in the Sahel http://thndr.it/1s9lGcW


  14. @charitywater’s #septembercampaign launches tomorrow. I’ll post a link on my profile when everything goes live tomorrow. Let’s help bring clean water to the Sahel! (at Sourountouna, Mali)


  15. Women and girls in the Sahel region of West Africa spend up to four hours in 110° weather collecting water every day. This leaves very little time for young girls like these to have a proper education or childhood. Let’s help Charity: water change this with this year’s #septembercampaign